Use of Computer in mass communication


Today in this age of information technology the use of computer is the part media industry (Print, Broadcast, Electronic and Advertising Agency, News Agency and Films). Composing, printing, animation, diagrams, audio, video visuals, large data storage and centralized newspapers, magazines publishing is only possible through this advance system. Online newspaper editions are also possible through this rapid technology.

  1. The used of computerized systems has meant the down of the electronic newsroom, with news editors checking reporters files on the screen, sending back stories where coverage is not sufficient or has failed in some way, and routing stories to the copy-taster and the subeditors as they become ready.
  2. News websites and news blogs give numerous ways to stay connected and up-to-date. The publications join Twitter and make a Facebook page to get the support of the demographic that no longer reads print news. However, maybe the best source of news comes from retweets and from audience reporting.
  3. Without computer now film industry is zero. Helps to make the film more effective than the traditional. Edits can be made through a mouse click. We use compute for special effects like Editing, Graphics, Animation and Distribution
  4. Computers make it possible for reporters to cover stories that were simply impossible to write in simpler times. It would take several reporters several lifetimes to do the data analysis to done on computers.
  5. Photo setting was made possible by the computer but it owed its utilization to the web-offset printing process.
  6. For years, publishers of newspapers, magazine and other print products have been fascinated with the idea of delivering information electronically. In contrast to conventional printing on paper, delivery by computer and other means seemed to offer several benefits both the producer and consumer.
  7. Computer is used in medics; Patient monitoring, patient records, diagnosis, hospital administration, medical history records and life support system.
  8. Advertisers-use computers to create the layout their client wants for a certain project. Ad Agencies-use computers to present the finished work to their clients and re-touch anything the client may want changed
  9. Suppliers-may use computers to make spreadsheets of the items they have sold or are selling. Media-use computers to distribute their ads whether in newspapers, magazines, or TV stations.
  10. Graphic Designers use high tech creative programs in order to create a specific add for their client. The client is able to make changes to the design with the computer programs
  11. Computer Generated Graphics-are used for TV commercials and help reach a specialized market, such as children to help show things they might not otherwise understand. As you can see, computers help the world of advertising out in a big way. Whether it is writing scripts, sending emails, or designing ads computers can be used for a lot. Without the use of a computer, advertisers would be sent back to the drawing boards.
  12. Other Uses are;
  • Creating Designs
  • Writing Scripts
  • Account Management
  • Marketing
  • Ad Preparation
  • Contacting Clients
  • Graphic Designs
  • Advertising Ads
  • Online Journalism
  • Reading news & news collection
  • Searching for news sources/story idea
  • Social networking
  • Micro-blogging
  • Blogging
  • Watching webinars/webcasts
  • Watching YouTube
  • Exploring Wikis
  • Producing/listening to podcasts¬†

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